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Feralife (Iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose complex)

Information for medical Professionals Only


  • Each Feralife chewable tablet contains: Iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose complex, equivalent to elemental iron 100 mg.
  • Each 5ml of Feralife syrup contains 50 mg iron as iron (III)-hydroxide polymaltose complex.

http://whoaadventures.com/misc/rastrear/539.html DESCRIPTION

Iron polymaltose complex (IPC) is a novel iron salt that has distinct advantages over conventional iron preparations. As opposed to conventional iron salts that contain iron in ferrous form, iron polymaltose complex contains iron in ferric form. Since iron is present in ferric form in iron polymaltose complex free radicals do not form. This is the reason for its better safety profile as compared to ferrous salts. The bioavailability of IPC is better than ferrous iron. It produces less gastric irritation than ferrous iron.

http://korsar-design.ru/images/online/programa-localizador-de-celulares-para-pc-gratis.php INDICATIONS

It is indicated for the treatment of latent iron deficiency, manifest iron deficiency and prophylactic therapy of iron deficiency before during and after pregnancy (during lactation).

http://www.mmvacuo.com.br/portal-old/index.html DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION

  • Feralife chewable tablets can be chewed or swallowed whole and should be taken during or immediately after meal.
  • Tablet: Adults: 100 mg to 200 mg iron (1 to 2 tablets) daily preferably with food, or higher doses as directed by a medical practitioner.
  • Prevention: 100 mg iron (1 tablet) daily preferably with food, or higher doses as directed by a medical practitioner.
  • Pregnant women: Manifested iron deficiency 1-3 tablets, latent iron deficiency 1 tablet daily. Prophylactic therapy (RDA) ½ - 1 tablet daily.
  • Syrup: Adults: 20-30 ml daily. Children: Infants up to 1 year, 2.5-5ml daily; 1-12 years, 5-10 ml daily; above 12 years, same as adult.
  • Pregnant women: Manifested iron deficiency: 20-30ml daily,
  • Latent iron deficiency: 10ml daily & Prophylactic therapy (RDA) 5-10ml daily.


Occasionally gastrointestinal irritations such as sensation of repletion, pressure in the epigastric region, nausea, constipation or diarrhea can occur. A dark coloration of stool due to iron is of no clinical significance. Chewable tablets do not cause teeth staining.

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